The cutest zipper pouch you ever saw

Ha! So I saw some dumpling pouches somewhere recently. And I felt the irresistible urge to make one again. I'd made this (a couple of them, I rarely make things singly) a while ago, using the same tutorial. I think I either made the smaller version that time, or I printed the template out at … Continue reading The cutest zipper pouch you ever saw

Hands-free for once, and three confusing tales

Well not really, because my hands are on my phone. But yes. I don't have my loom with me while waiting at a class. So I thought I'd blog instead. What, another stall setup? You'll ask. Not exactly. It was an audition for an upcoming event. This would be the biggest bestest event ever if … Continue reading Hands-free for once, and three confusing tales

From sun and rain

Regular readers might remember the shawl-turned-tablecloth-turned-parasol I wrote about a few years ago. I've gone and done it again, but much smaller this time.   This was one of several patterns in a collection I tested for the designer, Linda Browning on Ravelry. Turning this doily into a parasol was slightly better than the larger … Continue reading From sun and rain

About slippery slopes…

...and good intentions. I did intend to be a more frequent blogger, honest. That is, when I was not thinking of shutting down the blog altogether. But well. There's work (March was hectic), some weaving, lots of reading (Simon Brett, an abortive Cecilia Ahern [I think I'm too old for her, I was quite bored … Continue reading About slippery slopes…