Frugal bag

Thank you everyone for your responses so far on my sappy (soppy? sloppy?) question in my last post. Let me be clear, I am not at all the sort of person to keep it all in, as those who have known me for any length of time will testify. Rather the opposite, frequently latching on […]


I went looking for an embroidery frame at a craft shop and I struck it lucky, finding these bamboo bag handles. The upper ones were Rs 50 a pair (about a $1.10) and the lower ones were Rs 40 a pair (about $.90). Now all I have to do is make some bags. But you […]


Question: How many inches of I-cord does it take to poke a hole through your left index finger with a 3 mm dpn? Answer: Definitely less than the 45" required for the Self-lined bag I've almost finished knitting. Right now all we have is a small white blister after 4". I could use my handy […]