This is how I feel:


because the major knitting project I’m working on now is a baby blanket in Lion Brand cotton for a baby who will be living in Chennai. I *absolutely* have to make something for the baby, so I’m hoping this will be a good thing. I cannot see it wearing any sort of warm clothes ever. Even knitting with this sort of cotton makes me feel it would be too heavy. Maybe I can try making some wearables with some double-stranded thread or something. Hmm. Interesting thought. But I digress.

The pattern is mindless enough (a glorified dishcloth, really) and I was whizzing away in the beginning. Now I’ve hit the widest section (still getting wider) and man, is it slow-going! 😦

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

Garter stitch baby blanket

Not very informative, but it’s about 29″ each side. I have to get to 36″ for a decent size and it looks like never happening.

Also, I’m on my second skein and fast depleting. There is only one more skein left, which most probably will not be enough to complete the thing.

Two positive things, though. The Denise #7s are working through the yarn like butter through a knife er, a knife through butter. Smoooooooooooooth. And I really enjoy having the freedom to increase the length of the cable at will. I wouldn’t have been able to do this one on my local cable needles.

The other thing is this:
Garter stitch baby blanket

See those eyelets? Those are the kind of eyelets I was supposed to have on my Eyelet Border Facecloth but didn’t. The secret of my success this time was doing my yarnovers differently. Yes, as simple as that.

You see, I knit with the yarn in my right hand, throwing it under and around the right hand needle (makes me English or something, blimey!) to make my knit stitch; but! throwing it over and around the right hand needle for a yarnover. No idea why I do this, but this effectively made my eyelets disappear. For some reason, I decided to follow the same movement for yarnovers that I do for my knit stitch in this pattern, and voila! I have an eyelet. Epiphany.

Actually I think this might have happened because I’m also working on this pattern, where the instructions say yfwd instead of yo, but the effect is the same. Whodathunkit?
(Yes, I know it’s a bit blingy, but I recently was given two skeins of some eyelash that was begging to be knit).

(And yes, I am not very snobbish about novelty yarns, I’m afraid.) 😛