From sun and rain

Regular readers might remember the shawl-turned-tablecloth-turned-parasol I wrote about a few years ago. I've gone and done it again, but much smaller this time.   This was one of several patterns in a collection I tested for the designer, Linda Browning on Ravelry. Turning this doily into a parasol was slightly better than the larger … Continue reading From sun and rain

A year’s work.

On Ravelry there is a group which began in 2010 for people wanting to make 10 shawls in 2010. I've bee a member since then, but never have managed to make 10 in '10, 11 in '11 and so on. I did have a narrow miss last year, when I achieved 11 in '12. That … Continue reading A year’s work.

Let’s try again, shall we?

The whole of last year went by with only one real post. I'm thinking perhaps I should try and do better this year? So here are my two last projects from 2012. Both are for a friend who is currently at MIT and so will find use for woollen stuff. I am both surprised and … Continue reading Let’s try again, shall we?

Hello there!

Yes, I know. I last posted here on the last day of the last year. And to be perfectly frank, I was considering whether to mark this blog as dead. I have too little to say which I haven't already said on Ravelry. However, this is by way of being a test post. A friend … Continue reading Hello there!

Not right at all!

With a shock I realised I last blogged at the end of January. Shameful! Do I even have any readers left? In my defence, much of what I made since then has been on commission for others, which, while not secret, hasn't had any modelled pictures forthcoming. I'd been waiting for those. But they never … Continue reading Not right at all!


We had some unseasonal rain here in Hyderabad (where I've been visiting for the past few weeks). What I made will not protect against that. It's entirely decorative, with very little practical application. Only the "Ooh" factor. I've long been watching all the gorgeous crochet parasol patterns whenever I come across them, and been wanting … Continue reading Inspired

It was not to be.

I fell in love with this pattern when it first appeared on Ravelry, so you can imagine my joy when it came up for testing. No matter that I'd never done stranded colour work before or duplicate stitching, I jumped to volunteer for testing. I sent up a desperate appeal for India's only cotton yarn … Continue reading It was not to be.

Green and blue and grey all over

Yes, I've decided to grace the Internet with my priceless writing again. (Such a shame not to have updated my blog for nearly two months now!) I thought I'd show off this baby blanket I made while in Hyderabad (Now I'm back in Cochin. Life is not in a very happy place, but very little … Continue reading Green and blue and grey all over