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Let’s try again, shall we?

The whole of last year went by with only one real post. I’m thinking perhaps I should try and do better this year?

So here are my two last projects from 2012. Both are for a friend who is currently at MIT and so will find use for woollen stuff.

I am both surprised and disappointed at my final count for “12 shawls in 2012”. I managed exactly 11. That I did so many was good, but that I missed making all 12 was a letdown. This year I don’t think I’ll make even half that number.

Oh well.

This was my last shawl, in yarn I got in a Rav destash. I did ask my friend if she was OK with the colours, first.


I’m not sure how the name is pronounced, but I tend to make it sound like “Joy”.

Then I had plenty of yarn left. The pattern could have been made in one skein with a larger hook, but I preferred the denser look to the lacy one of the original, and for once I had more than one skein at my disposal, so I was free to use as much as I felt was a decent length for a shawl. Besides, I wasn’t going to block it, since my friend will not either.

I’ve never made anything for the hands before that I can remember (including mittens for babies, I suppose), but this pattern is very simple, and suited to the variegation, as well. Again, I used a different sized hook, since I couldn’t find the exact size the pattern recommends. I made the number of rows as suggested, but I suppose I could have made fewer for a snugger result. Once I finished with the crochet part, though, I felt they weren’t long enough and I wanted them to cover the fingers a bit as well, so, to ensure a non-floppy finish, I picked up a stitch in the end of every row and knit a k1, p1 ribbing. Off the hands they look like something out of Dr Suess, but I’m mostly happy with them (even with the gaping at the wrist).


So there they are, my last finished projects from 2012.

4 thoughts on “Let’s try again, shall we?

  1. Oooh you were so close with your 12 in 12! Love the orange colorway and Happy New Year 😀

    1. 🙂 Thank you. Forgive me for the extremely slow response, but I’ve been busy playing with my new toy 😉

  2. Very pretty. It’s illogical, but the oranges in that yarn make me feel warmer. I think the same thing done up in blue or green wouldn’t be half as snuggly looking. K.

    1. I dunno, it sounds pretty logical to me that you should feel the heat coming off those colours! I hope it’s working the same way for my friend 🙂

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