On Ravelry there is a group which began in 2010 for people wanting to make 10 shawls in 2010. I’ve bee a member since then, but never have managed to make 10 in ’10, 11 in ’11 and so on. I did have a narrow miss last year, when I achieved 11 in ’12. That was disappointing. The rules are strict, you can’t pass off a scarf no matter how complicated or yarn-consuming as a shawl or stole.

It is a bit late in the day to write about each of the shawl/stole/scarf/cowl things I made, so here’s
a mosaic I made from my Ravelry project notebook. If you click on the photo you will be taken to my notebook to look at any individual project that catches your eye.

Shawl mosaic

The first four are woven stuff, and I was very proud to have sold off the pink plaid thing. It’s my first sale!!! The yellow one has gone to a friend who needs a hug and I hope she likes this proxy hug.

Number 5 was made for a friend and the pattern is quick and easy, I hope she is enjoying using it in the cold of New England. No. 6 was for a swap in our group on Rav and my friend looks happy 🙂 I loved that design on sight and was so happy to be able to crochet it. I had to wait while another friend sent me the yarn I was using as I underestimated my requirements and ran out midway. The green thing next to that was a pattern I tested for the designer, while the blue and pink thing was on commission (partly funding my purchase of the loom).

So was the Colour Affection directly beneath. I love doing stuff on commission, it means I get to work with yummy yarns and interesting patterns and I don’t have to break my head over how to use the things I make. The same lady got the bright blue Citron (#4 in row 3) and the Multnomah and entrelac cowl at the bottom.

The beige Mercamel next to the Colour Affection was a thing of beauty, designed by someone whose work I’ve been lusting after for a while. The Pink Planet was challenging, and I thought I used too thin a yarn for my Coqueta test (but a gorgeous pattern!). The green Southbay Shawlette and the orange monster doily both went to friends in the same birthday swap. The orange traffic cone scarf was good fun to make, I enjoy patterns where I learn new techniques (double ended crochet on this one).

Aase, Ananas and Kornblomst all went to friends, as did the Raspberry Honey cowl (the friend in New England).

On the row below is the infamous Dublin shawl which gives me heartburn. It’s shrunk to neck kerchief size just lying around in its box. Grr.

But on the whole, a nice spread of colours and oeuvres. This year will be so different.