More like a comet

I thought about titling this post "Waxing and waning" to show the periodicity of my blogging, but then realised that would be misrepresentative. The moon finishes its cycles in a month, whereas WordPress tells me I haven't blogged in well over a year. Hence the reference to another periodic celestial object.  My last post but … Continue reading More like a comet

Can’t talk. Busy.

Weaving training during the day. Work in the evenings and late night. Meeting and setting up meetings with old friends. Watching Mighty Raju: Rio Calling directed by one of those old friends. Concert by Malladi Brothers. Calluses on feet from treadling floor loom. Catching up on reading.

And friends

This evening I met some of my oldest friends, at very short notice. The weather during the day here is hot, but in the evenings it turns cool and cloudy. We even had pre-monsoon showers a couple of days ago. I met my girl classmates at the weekend over a lunch so protracted it almost … Continue reading And friends

Hands on

Actually I haven't done any weaving yet at the centre. Today I studied a book in Telugu that teaches theory. It's a very different feeling to be doing a craft that actually has terminology in my mother tongue. I copied down a glossary. Proof that weaving goes back a longer time than knitting or crochet … Continue reading Hands on


It is such a comfort to be able to talk in my own language to the people at the Weavers' Centre. Even though all my terminology comes from the Internet and is therefore in English, unlike my previous hobbies of knitting and crochet, there is a much stronger tradition of weaving in this part of … Continue reading Language

Weaving hopes

I visited the government's Weavers' Service Centre yesterday and hope to go for a two week or longer course, which they hold for a very affordable fee. This photo shows a stall the Centre had at the National Handloom Expo I went to in January. An ikat warp was being wound on the loom. I … Continue reading Weaving hopes