Hands-free for once, and three confusing tales

Well not really, because my hands are on my phone. But yes. I don't have my loom with me while waiting at a class. So I thought I'd blog instead. What, another stall setup? You'll ask. Not exactly. It was an audition for an upcoming event. This would be the biggest bestest event ever if … Continue reading Hands-free for once, and three confusing tales

Testing, testing, 1 2 3…

After the scintillating response (not) I had for my last couple of posts, I took a deep breath and realised (besides almost hyperventilating), what a dull blogger I've become. (Some people might think otherwise, but I've taken a voice vote here and you can't change my mind). My blogging has flagged partly because I'm frequenting … Continue reading Testing, testing, 1 2 3…

Yet another book binge

Almost all are granny square patterns and I seriously doubt I'll ever make any of them, but why look a sale book in the mouth? This book has some non-granny square patterns, but ditto ditto. Then this book full of "designer knitting" (how unexpected!) which again ditto ditto, but might serve as good swap/Bookmooch fodder. … Continue reading Yet another book binge

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