A monolog

No, it's not spelled that way in American? Why not? I was wondering if maybe the spelling choice has to do with whether the last part is pronounced as "log" to rhyme with "bog", "fog" and "cog" or as "logue" as in "rogue", and er, "rogue". (If anyone knows of any other words that rhyme … Continue reading A monolog

This and that

I know, I've been a bad blogger and haven't made any substantial posts in ages. But then that sort of reflects what's been happening generally with my knitting/crochet in general...a kind of blah-y unfinishing dullness. One exciting (possibly) thing: someone in St Petersburg Russia has offered to send us things if we want and they … Continue reading This and that


This is the first time I'm living with censorship (I was too young to appreciate it properly the earlier time) and I'm not liking it much. Technologically challenged people in the government have decided that all of the blogs at blogspot.com and typepad.com are to be blocked. I cannot also access any geocities.com site. Either … Continue reading Censorship