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I find it odd that I like food blogs. Just try this.

I was checking my blog stats today from the dashboard and I noticed a click-through from a new-to-me blog. I went there and found she has me on her blogroll 😳 Yay! Then I checked out her bio and her “50 things“. I especially like her yarn holder, as I’ve been using a Yarn Thimble on my latest project and have some issues with it (it makes my finger sweat, and leaves it stiff because I cannot bend it as I would if it weren’t there. I think Lucy wanted to know about it when first I received it a few months ago.)

Check out her Yarn Holder. And I thought listing stuff you’ve finished this year under 50 things was cool.

She’s made the same Hook Caddy I’d made, but in a much preeetier colour :mrgreen: And she’s got interesting things poking out of it. Are they ergonomic hook handles, I wonder? Maybe I should just ask her.

Very nice blog, and a pleasant interface too.
Crochet bythehook

This is an excellent place to start looking for patterns and has helped me lots of times. I salute her patience!
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