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This and that

I know, I’ve been a bad blogger and haven’t made any substantial posts in ages. But then that sort of reflects what’s been happening generally with my knitting/crochet in general…a kind of blah-y unfinishing dullness.

One exciting (possibly) thing: someone in St Petersburg Russia has offered to send us things if we want and they will reach in a ship’s container so although I will be somewhat older by the time they arrive, it should still be fun, no? (Meaning no issues with weight/volume) So of course, I’m thinking Y A R N!!! From a link at the knittyboard I found this blog and she has a list of yarn shops in St Petersburg (Petrograd, Leningrad-we don’t mind Lenin here in India). And a list of yarns she found there. I must confess, I am absolutely trembling to read about the baby silk, cotton and wool yarns she mentions. For someone in Europe and North America or Australia/NZ, none of that might be exciting, but as I’ve found no natural fibre yarns here, I’m dying to try these (they are partly imported from the rest of Europe, I understand). So, any suggestions on amounts I could ask for that would be sensible? What might make a full project? Too often nowadays I find my stash is full of single skeins of luscious yarns, which, having little need for hats or bags, I find it dispiriting to imagine what to make with. (Maybe that partly explains why my knitting/crochet recently has been so bitty 🙁 Of course my notoriously short attention-span has nothing at all to do with it. Uh-huh.)

Yesterday we went to a Book Fair (again the “American Library Surplus” thingy. I’m all for American Library Surpluses, last time here in Vizag I got Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Knitting Without Tears for a pittance, and then in Hyderabad I picked up a whole rash of books for cheap). I didn’t find any knitting/crochet books this time, but the chappie said they were expecting new stock this week, so a return trip is in order. The same thing happens each time, but doesn’t necessarily lead to much. I did pick up a whole bunch of murder mysteries (including 3 [A, B, & D] of the Kinsey Millhone alphabet series from Sue Grafton and a couple of others, I think one Ed McBain, maybe a Patricia Cornwell and one new-to-me writer). Also some soppy romance novels. (Yes, I can devour those even at this age, so sue me 😉 )

And the Zadie Smith is also being read. It makes for a nice dipping-into leisurely read while eating lunch, while the murder books are for read-at-one-stretch fun. So all those books for about Rs 425/-. Lovely. And I already know who I’m going to pass them on to when I’m done.

When I stop bouncing around the country behind the husband bearing dinky tin trunks retire, I shall build a house with a library, and in my library shall be entire series of books of all my favourite writers. There will be a comfortable couch and some radio/music. A window with a view and wi-fi access. I don’t think anything else will be required, do you? Some chocolate, perhaps.

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  1. Chocolate “perhaps”? Chocolate definitely!

    Such good news about the yarn source, hope it works out. As for amounts, the ball bands on yarns here in Europe tend to suggest 500g – 600g for women’s (long sleeved) sweaters, and that matches been my experience. (I wear size medium.) Since you’re not exactly in a position to pop round for an extra ball if you run out, I’d order at least that.

  2. The new look for your Blog looks great. The yarn source sound interesting!!!!And yes I have a dream library too and a craft room.

  3. Maybe you should open a yarn store that supplies “imported” yarns for knitters like yourself..

  4. Great news on the possible yarn source! What great fun for yuo to eb able to get some new and different yarns!

    Nothing wrong with reading a “soppy romance” now and then, I read them for pure escapism after work – I need something that I can read that is not going to tax my mind and make me think any more…I do enough of that at work! The more “deep” novels and books I save for days off and weekends!

  5. I liked the early Sue Graftons quite a lot; Kinsey Millhone is one cool woman. Also the early Patricia Cornwells. Don’t care for Ed McBain, somehow. But I love getting these cheap, and you must have had a lot of fun!

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