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Here’s a post that explains why I can’t read my blogs:

I’m undecided on how to react.

I am not able to read some of my regular blogs, including Nonaknits, The Crochet Dude, Karla, Ruth…I see their updated posts in Bloglines, but when I click on them for the full version or to comment, nothing! I get error messages. Is this happening to anyone else? Surely something can’t be wrong with Blogspot, Typepad all at the same time? I am able to access and, but not the blogs themselves. Very frustrating. Please someone tell me if there’s something I can do. I use an Apple and Firefox and haven’t knowingly changed any settings.

I’ve decided to add a page to my blog with my wishlist on it.  For the curious, here’s the link.

Here I am discovering all sorts of treasures in the knitting blog world. Eunny has great tutorials and other info for knitting lace. Too bad I didn't see it before I made that scarf/stole.

Yes! I finally found a fellow Indian knit blogger. Yay! Go on check her out, she's got beautiful knitting happening.

A new tenant from Indonesia over there on the right side —-> Go and check it out!

Got this from Grumperina's blog and I'm about 3 months outdated, but what a neat concept!

Stitch Your Neck Out 

If it weren't scarves and shrugs, maybe I'd join the next one. What do you think, Cordelia? A lacy-ish cardigan would be nice and I can't seem to bring myself to finish anything of that size for myself. What a nice concept. Will there be a next one?

I was browsing knitting podcasts and came across this gem:
let me explaiKnit

It's got detailed notes on several knitting issues and I've not read them all yet! I hope she's got a tutorial in there somewhere for circular needles…What a find!

Edited to add:
I got the link from Pointy Sticks.
There's so much knitting wealth out there. Where have I been all this while?!

Then there is Nona as well.

For "stageacter" who was looking for Denise Augostine's Crochet Paradise site, you can one used to be able to find it through here.
But checking today, I find that all I get from the archives is a domain registration site….Waah!

The Wayback machine is a good resource for finding any website that has become defunct, just enter the last address you remember for it and it gives you the cached archive. Sometimes pictures don't load properly, but you can often do a directory search and see them.

Well, I’ve finally gone and done it! Yup, I created a Yahoo group for crocheters from India. It’s exciting, and I hope it’ll help us help each other with supply-related woes or pattern doubts or anything else, for that matter.

If you are a crocheter and from India (wherever you might be living now), do come and join us!

Click here to join Crochet_India
Click to join Crochet_India

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