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What a neat concept!

Got this from Grumperina's blog and I'm about 3 months outdated, but what a neat concept!

Stitch Your Neck Out 

If it weren't scarves and shrugs, maybe I'd join the next one. What do you think, Cordelia? A lacy-ish cardigan would be nice and I can't seem to bring myself to finish anything of that size for myself. What a nice concept. Will there be a next one?

1 thought on “What a neat concept!

  1. Like the concept….I am with you though…in this hot state one can only use so many scarves! And shrugs, well maybe but I think a cardi or something I would use more, tote,would draw me to join.

    And I wish I could knit! Whats up with that string I develope in the middle? OY!

    What other object would you join for?–>

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