No, it’s not spelled that way in American? Why not?

I was wondering if maybe the spelling choice has to do with whether the last part is pronounced as “log” to rhyme with “bog”, “fog” and “cog” or as “logue” as in “rogue”, and er, “rogue”. (If anyone knows of any other words that rhyme with “rogue” please do mention them. My brain is all shook up from my sneezing all day today.) I ask because I tend to pronounce travelogue (perhaps wrongly) to rhyme with rogue, but dialogue to rhyme with bog. Also, does it say something about my readers that my last post got more comments than any other one, as far as I can remember? Was it the pronunciation issue or the serendipity of finding something forgotten?

Oh and before you go, if for some reason you don’t follow Cute Overload, do go and look at this post and this one. I want me some of that fertiliser!!! Also, maybe I should have been a baby orangutan. Or something.