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A certain sort of malaise

Warning! This post is whiny! Also there is Too Much Information. So the squeamish/fastidious/constructively employed amongst you might want to go away and come back another time.

[Removed to protect the er, innocent.]

On a completely different note, here is a view of a dishcloth I finished from the archives of the Monthly Dishcloths group at Yahoogroups. I joined up in January so I could use my lovely (yes, I’m serious) stash of Lion Cotton and Sugar n’ Cream that I got from a very satisfying swap at the Ville. No, I don’t use dishcloths and no, I do not intend doing all the KALs.

Smocked dishcloth close-up

The pattern (Smocked Dishcloth) can be found here. Someone over at Flickr thought it looks like an army of spiders marching. Suits me. It’s the reptiles I can’t stand.

I must be peculiar, but I like knitting with cotton. The stitches are firm and well-defined. Perhaps it reflects on how slowly and how little I knit. Because everyone else complains.

13 thoughts on “A certain sort of malaise

  1. Is it bad to take comfort in knowing someone else is whining on their blog (me.) I like the smocked dishcloth. I haven’t tried that one.

  2. Whine away. I am never comfortable with swaps, which is why I don’t do too many.

    It’ll all pass, maybe not as quickly as you would like.

    Huggers to ya

  3. Sending Hugs to you Swapna!!!!Like Deneen said This too shall pass

  4. Holy crap, that’s incredibly rude on the part of your swap partner. NO, that’s not the way it’s normally done. Geez. That’s awful.

    Normally when I do swaps, it’s a privately arranged one with someone I know personally through my blog, and we set a dollar price and an idea of what to mail (usually yarn) and take it from there. At the moment I’m feeling bad because I’ve gotten a box and the person I’m swapping with hasn’t gotten mine. But it IS in the mail (I swear!) and I’m pretty sure she’ll like it when she does get it.

    Ugh. That’s just awful. Hugs.

    As for the rest, yeah, hugs on that too. And if you aren’t getting paid for your job, who cares if you get fired? (You may have reasons. But that’s my first thought.)

  5. Probably best to resign rather than be fired… I don’t think that’s as bad on the resume.

    I’d offer to do a personal one-on-one swap with you, but I wouldn’t be able to afford the shipping right now. Maybe once I have an income again. 😉

  6. Rant away… Helps clear up your emotions… very healthy to blow your steam once in a while.

  7. Oh my, it all just comes at once sometimes, doesn’t it?

    I wouldn’t give a second thought to the quality of your packages! There are simply way too many rude, thoughtless people on the earth. Their behaviour reflects on them, not on you. (Even if they were disappointed in some way, it’s still awful not to thank, let alone acknowledge!)

    And the work situation — free lancers do have it hard. Having been in similar situations, I can relate. Hang in there!

  8. I’m sorry you had such poor responses to your swaps, that sucks, and really shows how bad-mannered some people are.

    I love the dishcloth and I also enjoy working with cotton.

    Hope things improve soon 🙂

  9. First things first, the spiders look very cool! They do look like they’re on a serious march. Second, the swappers (or those who are refusing to become good swappers) are being rude. If I didn’t like what I got I’d politely say I didn’t and send it back, but ignoring you is just silly and rude. Why don’t you post a message on Knitty publicly asking them to at least acknowledge your package? Thirdly, that is really arrrghhhh with the bosses and feedback. All I can do is say I hope they get their act together soon!

  10. Bad swappers….bah!!! I’ve been very lucky on my swaps I think in that I’ve not really ever had a bad swappee….I know that I’ve been late mailing packages due to freaky time committments at work, but everything has always been communicated and everything has been received!


  11. Hugs to you Swapnae. Things to tend to get bad and hit together from various different angles. I hope it all gets better soon. I hope the work situation improves soon….they’ll just end up using your work without paying you. Thats a very common ocurance. I hope this is not so in your case.
    I hope health wise things look up soon. If you do have doubts better get some opinions from different gynaecs, maybe two or three , just to put your mind at ease. The same applies with your eye ( eye lid? )problem. Get it checked again, maybe u can get better medication or something to ease the discomfort.
    And as for the bad swap partner you got ….well, I’d just say she is just plain arrogant and rude. Totally thoughless and disgusting. I’ve had some bad swaps too but atleast they weren’t rude like this.
    Anyways , cheer up and move on , dear girl. You know the things can tough at times but they eventually get sorted out. So have faith and fight for yourself ….abt the work issue:).
    Hugs to you and rant away , we are friends and what are friends for?

  12. Oh Swapna,

    I did leave a reply about your swap which I loved BTW. I get many complinments on the red and yellow bags you sent, and I adore my purple notions holder. I send great big hugs and thoughts of kitties. Hope you feel better.

  13. Crotchety, aren’t we?

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