Cotton in the kitchen

My fascination for dishcloths continues...I am trying to make things from my Ravelry queue nowadays, and this has been on it for a while now. It's a variation on the diagonal knit pattern, from eLOOManator and I used about half a skein. Details in the usual format: Yarn: Lily Sugar n'Cream in Yellow. Remains of … Continue reading Cotton in the kitchen


Sorry, I didn't mean to throw a whine-fest and vanish. My internet gave out on me on Wednesday afternoon and was only restored last evening. I had to reprogram my wireless router after a year and that took me some figurative hair-pulling before I managed to hit just the right keys. We changed our internet … Continue reading Sunshine

A certain sort of malaise

Warning! This post is whiny! Also there is Too Much Information. So the squeamish/fastidious/constructively employed amongst you might want to go away and come back another time. [Removed to protect the er, innocent.] On a completely different note, here is a view of a dishcloth I finished from the archives of the Monthly Dishcloths group … Continue reading A certain sort of malaise

Cotton is good

I don't use dishcloths actually, but I find infinite satisfaction in having a Finished Objectâ„¢, and one, moreover, which uses stitches/stitch patterns new to me. And I find that cotton yarn has this wonderful definition in it, which makes the stitches stand out. Over at the Dishcloth KAL, they've announced prizes for the three top … Continue reading Cotton is good