A friend sent me some gorgeous DK cotton yarn and as usual, I was stumped on what to make with 114 yards. Inspiration struck via Ravelry, and I crossed two three projects off my queue with great joy. I don’t know what it is about garter stitch, but I like it immensely. Also, give me variegated yarn and I think “dishcloths!”

The first one is the popular Garterlac cloth:

garterlac dishcloth

The photo is small, because it came out a bit fuzzy (so what else is new?). The details in my usual rigid format:

Yarn: Narvik Young Touch Cotton DK (I cannot find a website for it)

Needles: Denise #6 (~4mm), actually a bit too large

Pattern: Garterlac dishcloth by Criminy Jickets

Time: Very quick.

Size: 7″ x 7″

Extra #1 Very well-written directions, just follow them blindly, even if they seem odd. I didn’t have to refer to the extra Flickr tutorials.

#2 When a pattern says “Cast on loosely”, you better believe them! My beginning is somewhat unsightly because my cast-on isn’t quite loose enough 😦

#3 I could possibly have used a smaller needle for a neater look

#4 The Narvik Young Touch is a tad too sophisticated for a dishcloth, I suppose, but what would you do with 114 yards of variegated cotton? No, seriously, I’d like some ideas.

Having about half the skein left, I decided to tackle another of the dishcloths on my queue and that was this one:

4 corner dishcloth

Yarn: Narvik Young Touch Cotton DK in shade 7517.

Needles: Pony 2.75mm straights

Pattern: 4 corners dishcloth by 1870 pearl

Time: Overnight

Size: 6″ x 6″

Extra #1 Nice and easy. A bit like my Short Rows Rectangular Cloth, but different. My wrapping, turning and finishing has apparently not improved in the year since I made that one, it appears.
#2 I like garter stitch, what can I say? And the play of the colours is always fascinating.

#3 I still have some yarn left over…

And here’s the last of the yarn:


Yarn: Narvik Young Touch Cotton DK in shade 7517.

Needles: Pony 2.75mm straights

Pattern: Tribble by 1870 pearl

Time: About an hour or less

Size: 6″ at the end of yarn (recommended size is at least 8″). That’s why I’m calling mine a Tribblet 😀

Extra #1 Fun! Dang if I know what to do with it, though!