Garter love

A friend sent me some gorgeous DK cotton yarn and as usual, I was stumped on what to make with 114 yards. Inspiration struck via Ravelry, and I crossed two three projects off my queue with great joy. I don’t know what it is about garter stitch, but I like it immensely. Also, give me variegated yarn and I think “dishcloths!”

The first one is the popular Garterlac cloth:

garterlac dishcloth

The photo is small, because it came out a bit fuzzy (so what else is new?). The details in my usual rigid format:

Yarn: Narvik Young Touch Cotton DK (I cannot find a website for it)

Needles: Denise #6 (~4mm), actually a bit too large

Pattern: Garterlac dishcloth by Criminy Jickets

Time: Very quick.

Size: 7″ x 7″

Extra #1 Very well-written directions, just follow them blindly, even if they seem odd. I didn’t have to refer to the extra Flickr tutorials.

#2 When a pattern says “Cast on loosely”, you better believe them! My beginning is somewhat unsightly because my cast-on isn’t quite loose enough 🙁

#3 I could possibly have used a smaller needle for a neater look

#4 The Narvik Young Touch is a tad too sophisticated for a dishcloth, I suppose, but what would you do with 114 yards of variegated cotton? No, seriously, I’d like some ideas.

Having about half the skein left, I decided to tackle another of the dishcloths on my queue and that was this one:

4 corner dishcloth

Yarn: Narvik Young Touch Cotton DK in shade 7517.

Needles: Pony 2.75mm straights

Pattern: 4 corners dishcloth by 1870 pearl

Time: Overnight

Size: 6″ x 6″

Extra #1 Nice and easy. A bit like my Short Rows Rectangular Cloth, but different. My wrapping, turning and finishing has apparently not improved in the year since I made that one, it appears.
#2 I like garter stitch, what can I say? And the play of the colours is always fascinating.

#3 I still have some yarn left over…

And here’s the last of the yarn:


Yarn: Narvik Young Touch Cotton DK in shade 7517.

Needles: Pony 2.75mm straights

Pattern: Tribble by 1870 pearl

Time: About an hour or less

Size: 6″ at the end of yarn (recommended size is at least 8″). That’s why I’m calling mine a Tribblet 😀

Extra #1 Fun! Dang if I know what to do with it, though!

In love with sewing, weaving, crochet, and with bags and pouches and fabric. I love colour and pattern and texture. I love having my hands busy. Some day I hope my craft will become my day job.

6 thoughts on “Garter love

  1. One does have to get creative with limited amounts of yarn- great solutions! Garter stitch is a lot of fun sometimes. It brings you back to the enjoyment of simple knitting! Nice color too…

  2. If you only have one ball to try it out, you really can’t do projects that would normally be considered suitable for the yarn, so then it’s completely acceptable to make dishcloths out of fancy stuff. 😉

    I suppose you could have made a baby bib (is that any classier than a dishcloth?) or hat, but then you’d need a baby!

    I love your dishcloths and the tribble. 🙂

  3. Nice job on the dishcloths! Dishcloths are perfect for experimenting with one skein yarns when you want to play with it. I bought a large book of one-skein projects while I was home last time, but so far I’ve not cracked it open.

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