Petal bib from One Skein

A certain someone sent me some lovely cotton yarn a few months ago, which I’ve been afraid to use (I’m petrified of using good yarn, and hate cutting it! There must be a name for this phobia…). But I got my hands on a copy of One Skein (thanks to another friend) and found this project in it, just right as I’ve been searching for something nice to make for a colleague’s new baby (the husband’s colleague, not mine). In our weather, warm clothing isn’t required, so I thought a bib might be more useful. The pattern went by very fast, but here are the tech specs:

Yarn: Schachenmayr Nomotta Catania Color (whew!) in 226 (how romantic), about half a skein

Needles: Metal 3.25mm

Pattern: Petal Bib from One Skein (mind the corrections)

Time: 3-4 hours (more for finishing than the knitting itself, see below)

Size: 4.5″ x 8″

Extra #1 Very cute pattern, but omg, the number of ends to be woven in for such a small project! Each of the petals is begun separately and then all are attached and knitted together. About 14 ends in all. I finished the bib in about 90 minutes, but the weaving in took me two hours or more.
#2 My short rows came out beautifully, can’t spot where I wrapped the stitches, yay!

#2 My first time doing applied I-cord, and I’m very pleased with the result. See for yourself:

Applied I-cord closeup

#4 Perhaps I could have arranged the petals better to get a more symmetric striping, but it’s okay.

#5 I suspect the recommended yarn has a larger gauge, so the finished size would be bigger.

#6 I might knit the project again if I can think of a way to do away with the ends. In such fine yarn, carrying along the ends while knitting isn’t an option, especially not in stockinette stitch.

Since a good bit of the yarn was left, I sought around for another pattern to knit, and didn’t find any likely bibs, but I did see one for a dishcloth, so I cast on and knit that instead.

Multidirectional bib

Yarn: The Catania again

Needles: Metal 3.25 dpns

Pattern: Multidirectional dishcloth

Time: A couple of hours.

Size: 6.5″ square

Extra #1 Loved the pattern. Makes me want to knit the multidirectional scarf it’s inspired by, and I shall, too, when I have some appropriate striped yarn in enough quantity.

#2 Added straps by chaining a desired length, and then turning and hdc-ing (US) all the way back, hdc over the bib, chaining again and hdc back to the bib. Simple.

Even after all that, I still had a bit of the yarn left, so I cast on chained for a whimsical pattern that’s been on my mind for ages (it’s how I discovered the parent blog).


Yarn: More Catania!

Hook: 2.25mm Clover double-ended

Pattern: Solipsis from Redshirt Knitting

Time: An hour or so.

Size: Doesn’t matter!

Extra #1 I made mine in crochet, because I didn’t want to cast on 60 stitches…All over hdc (US).

#2 Great fun! I plan to use it for my stitch markers.

#3 those buttons were the only ones I could find 2 of and I was in a tearing hurry…

Now I’ve gotto run. Duty calls.