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Cotton in the kitchen

ELOOOmanator's diagonal knit dishcloth

My fascination for dishcloths continues…I am trying to make things from my Ravelry queue nowadays, and this has been on it for a while now. It’s a variation on the diagonal knit pattern, from eLOOManator and I used about half a skein. Details in the usual format:

Yarn: Lily Sugar n’Cream in Yellow. Remains of the skeins I used for my dishcloths last year. Here is my Ravelry page for the project.

Needles: Denise US #6 (3.75mm?)

Pattern: eLOOManator’s Diagonal Dishcloth (Ravelry link) Her webpage doesn’t appear to be working does not seem to give the pattern (she’s more interested in weaving with small looms), and she’s given the pattern on the Ravelry page, which isn’t allowed, so it might vanish any time. If you want it, now’s the time to grab it!

Time: Overnight

Size: 9.5″ x 9.5″

Extra #1 I love how the cotton makes the stitches really stand out. What a nice bright colour it is, too! I still have about half a skein leftover (there were originally 2 full ones). Both sides look good, see:

Side 2

Another item off my queue was finished in Agra (although I started it in Cochin). More cotton, again for the kitchen.

Kitchen towel

And the specs:

Yarn: Lion Kitchen Cotton in Navy. I have about three skeins and used about three-fourths of one for this. Here is my Ravelry page for the project.

Needles: Denise US #6 (3.75mm?)

Pattern: Kitchen towel (Ravelry link) from the Dishcloth Boutique, pattern here. The Dishcloth Boutique site works for me sometimes, sometimes not.

Time: Two days

Size: 10″ x 13″

Extra #1 I was doubtful initially about using a dark colour, whether the texture would show up well or not, but I’m happy enough with the product. Haven’t put in a button yet, but then I have a nail, not a towel ring to hang it from.

I still have about 65 projects on my queue. How many do you have and how old is the oldest? Mine dates from my joining, about 8 months old, but I hope to have it finished shortly.

They’re small and you learn new stitch patterns. What’s not to like about dishcloths? I love them! Bring on the cotton!

6 thoughts on “Cotton in the kitchen

  1. OHHHH I LOVE THAT yellow cloth!!! Beautiful!

  2. They are very pretty. I really like the blue one. I am not into making and using dishcloths for myself. I prefer to use a sponge.

  3. I love the dishcloth! The towel is nice too. 🙂

  4. Both of them look great!

  5. That is cute-I read the eLoomanator site for the woven stuff.

  6. Did you buy the cotton yarn in India? I live in Bangalore; so if you know any places where I can find cotton yarn, please lemme know 🙂 Lovely dishcloth!

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