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We did some cupboard rearranging last night and I discovered a set of 5 dpns in size 2.25mm. Yippee! They must be from Heide‘s generous RAKing a few months ago. See what being organised/cleanly can get you?

And on a totally unrelated note, referring to the Yarn Harlot‘s latest post, would Americans spell travelogues as travelogs? You know, like analogue (but not dialogue? Why? And related to programme.) If not, why not?

7 thoughts on “Wooo!

  1. What a wonderful surprise! Who knows what I’d find if I did some serious organizing!

  2. I think American spelling is motivated by laziness. If we can leave out a letter and still be understood, we do. And then we make up slang to cover all the words we never bothered to learn in school. Makes for a dynamic language, but it also makes us look illiterate.

    Don’t get me going on the state of grammar in this country, and how no one is being taught it any longer.

  3. Yes, I have seen many people spell it as travelog. Like Dialog.
    I went on a cleaning spree to *find* a size 4 circular I *know* I have somewhere here, but despite rearranging it didn’t show up.
    So, socks with the dpns?????

  4. I just love finding things that you had forgotten that you had! I figure when I finally move out of my apartment I am going to find a ton of random hooks and hair scrunchies as I lose / misplace / put in unknown locations almost faster than I can buy them!

  5. When I’m really, really tired, I start putting things in odd places. Today it was the salt. My automatic pilot was wonky, and the salt ended up in a cabinet where it doesn’t belong. Sadly, neither dpn’s nor anything else I’d ever lost were next to it.

  6. Whooohooo,how wonderful!!!!

  7. Finding forgotten items is like having a birthday! Yup, travelog is indeed the American spelling. I’ve no idea why or when certain deviations from traditional English spellings occurred. I’m sure that some smart person out there in blogland probably knows the reason.

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