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10 m in 30 days

…is how much I wove during my training at the Weavers’ Service Centre.

And this is how it looks.


I haven’t decided yet what I will do with it.

My greatest learning was the tie-up and actual weaving on a floor loom. In the middle, I thought for sure I’d been cured of any desire to get a floor loom of my own. Now, however, I’m not sure. The one I want will not have a fly shuttle mechanism, but then that would be noisy, not good in a flat. Also, it is a jack loom, so fewer connections to make for tying up. Which is also good.

I am also taking away some connections for future yarn and accessory supplies. In addition, I got a warping frame made, and ordered a bobbin winder and some fly shuttles to be modified into plain end feed shuttles.

Most of which might be gobbledygook to my regular readers… But you will not need any words for the following photo.


4 thoughts on “10 m in 30 days

  1. Haha, goobledygook indeed 🙂 Those 10 meters of woven fabric are amazing! You made all of that, wow!!

  2. You have been busy and here I thought you were on a holiday before the you begin your hectic life in Mumbai. Love the colours you have used. Can you use this thread for crochet.

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  4. That looks amazing. I’d love to hear more about your experiences at the Weavers’ Service Centre.

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