Beijing, anyone?

Does anyone have any hints/tips on yarny shopping to be done in Beijing? My father is visiting there next week and I’d like to give him some specific requests. Someone on Ravelry said China yarn is cheap(er). So what fibre would be good? I know bamboo needles and hooks sound likely, but…

LYS recommendations also welcome, please?


  1. I reccomend the Beijing yarn shop on my blog – It is a neat smallish store. To your right there is lots of angora/fancier mixes. And in the back there are all kinds of yarns that they wind together. They also sell fabulous straight bamboo needles for 10 RMB a pair – about $1.25 and they sell sets of metal cicular and double pointed for about 40 RMB for 11 pairs in each set.
    A jin of cashmere/wool blend would be about 60 RMB. A jin is about a lb I think – 4 big balls and 2 small ones.
    This yarn shop is located not too far from the Forbidden CIty and Wanfujing Street – a big tourst stop. Let me know if you have any questions – Amy who is sadly sadly not in Beijing anymore

  2. Glad you got a recommendation….otherwise I would be mailing you a photo! I found 1 yarn shop in Beijing and I took a picture of the street address sign on the wall next to the door! lol

    I bought some lovely wool yarn that I love, no name though since its all in Chinese on the labels.

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