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Unfinished business

Pineapple Posy

Remember the packing twine I used for my towel topper a few weeks ago (scroll down)? I had some left over and I badly needed a thingy for a side table (you’ve got to love the Military Engineering Services for the sheer numbers of dinky little tables they provide you with), so in overweening optimism, I started a doily called Pineapple Posy from Pineapple Crochet Designs ed. Rita Weiss. Naturally, the twine ran out, and I ended up with this. It shall remain in this condition forevermore, so in my books, it’s a finished object. At least the pineapples are done!

For my August CAT PAC, a friend sent me lots of blue-themed yarn and the Spring issue of Interweave Crochet, which had the Boteh scarf pattern. I had to start it immediately, so I grabbed the Patons Kroy sock yarn Rosi sent me as a contest prize and set off. The pattern repeat is simple enough, but I had to rip a bit after the second motif, having confused myself with right and wrong sides. Now it is making sense, though, and I’ve made quite some progress. Here it is:

Boteh scarf

Please forgive the blurry pictures, I’ll try and get a better one of the Boteh once it’s done.

I’ve also finished and added a zipper to Jacque‘s pattern that I was testing. Turned out a bit small, but more on that later. Have a hat FO in the wings, also, perhaps tomorrow.

I’ll never understand the fascination of the Larger than Life Bag, though. It’s just some motifs, right? Perhaps I’m missing something.

4 thoughts on “Unfinished business

  1. hey i know nothing about blogging but i figured it was something along the lines that you write and then hopefully find people with similar intrests or like minded people-well i guess i was just wondering if you can have like a network or something…maybe i am to myspace minded?

  2. I never quite understood the fascination with the Larger Than Life bag either… but I thought it was really cool that it pulled quite a few knitters over to “the dark side”. 😉

  3. PS: Cool scarf and doily! (Yes, if you call it done, it’s done, no matter what the pattern says! 😉 )

  4. I think the pineapple doily is sweet and just the perfect size for a small table like you’ve described. The blue scarf is lovely. Hope your father finds you something nice on his trip.

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