From sun and rain

Regular readers might remember the shawl-turned-tablecloth-turned-parasol I wrote about a few years ago. I've gone and done it again, but much smaller this time.   This was one of several patterns in a collection I tested for the designer, Linda Browning on Ravelry. Turning this doily into a parasol was slightly better than the larger … Continue reading From sun and rain


We had some unseasonal rain here in Hyderabad (where I've been visiting for the past few weeks). What I made will not protect against that. It's entirely decorative, with very little practical application. Only the "Ooh" factor. I've long been watching all the gorgeous crochet parasol patterns whenever I come across them, and been wanting … Continue reading Inspired

Fraternal twins?

Or first cousins perhaps. There is a Doilie-along over at Ravelry for the Doilie Heads group, and I decided to join because I've never knit a doily before. I'm happy to say it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be! Here are my results. First, the crochet version (although I did it second). … Continue reading Fraternal twins?

Nosegay, interrupted

This is another case of "I'm out of thread, I'm calling this done". To quote verbatim from my Ravelry notes on this project: "Ran out of yarn at the 16th row, so mine has become an 8-point star instead of a nosegay. No problem. There were what appeared to be errata in the pattern, but … Continue reading Nosegay, interrupted