Regular readers might remember the shawl-turned-tablecloth-turned-parasol I wrote about a few years ago. I’ve gone and done it again, but much smaller this time.

Tiny parasol


This was one of several patterns in a collection I tested for the designer, Linda Browning on Ravelry. Turning this doily into a parasol was slightly better than the larger one, because I just slipped it over the frame of the child-size umbrella, without bothering to sew it on. And disregarding the cartoon characters. Ideally, we should have a transparent plastic umbrella to best show the design.

Somehow I love knitting doilies in the round. Among the other pieces in this collection are these two:

Doily 1


Doily 2


And this huge thing, which I calculated has 45392 stitches.

45392 mangoes

They all go pretty quickly, though.