I, er, iOS.

I decided to see if having an app would make me blog better.

In the past year or more I’ve become obsessed with weaving, helped along by some ennui in knitting and crochet, plus an odd sort of pain in my left forefinger, the one that tensions the yarn when I crochet. Which served as an excuse to do more weaving.

I now have three looms, and have been waffling about getting a fourth.

Stay tuned. In the meantime, admire these.





  1. Swapna, Whats your fourth loom? I only know about your Flip, ASIL and the Table loom. if you ever plan to destash any of your looms, let me know.. 🙂 and, whats the next loom you are planning to acquire?

      1. The one I’m lusting after *cough, cough* is named David and is 90 cm wide :p But naturally if I were to destash, you’d be my first choice!

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