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Nosegay, interrupted

This is another case of “I’m out of thread, I’m calling this done”.

To quote verbatim from my Ravelry notes on this project:

“Ran out of yarn at the 16th row, so mine has become an 8-point star instead of a nosegay. No problem. There were what appeared to be errata in the pattern, but I couldn’t figure out if perhaps I wasn’t paying enough attention. Anyway, these are the modifications I made in the later rounds (I forgot to note them down for the earlier ones).

Rnd 11: Sl St in next 4 dc…..skip 10 dc….skip 10 dc, dc in next dc…

Rnd 14: Sl St in next 5 dc….*skip 5 dc, dc in next 2 dc….skip 5 dc, dc in next 11 dc….

Rnd 15: ….*skip 2 dc,….skip 2 dc, dc in next 9 dc….

I only worked 16 rows. The pattern is very dense and at the beginning it said “work in back loop only” so I worked all my stitches in the back loop, which made it doubly tedious.”

I seriously don’t know whether I was sleeping or what, but the first few rows seemed to be quite error-ridden, needing a fair amount of fudging from me. So did the latter rows, as you can see. Also, I ran out of the thread (so what else is new) so I quit at Row 16. Here are the details in the established format.

Thread: Schoeller + Stahl Manuela Häkelgarn No. 20, 1 full ball

Hook: Pony (with handle) 1.0mm

Pattern: Nosegay doily from Celt’s Vintage Crochet, rounds 1-16

Time: Way too long

Size: 15″

Extra As you can see from the picture of the actual doily, the look is totally different. But I’m not complaining. I don’t know how the recipient will react, though.

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