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Orange gypsy

After a long self-imposed gap, I got tempted again by one of Kathy’s designs and begged to be allowed to test for her. I used some ‘silk’ thread and a Pony handled hook to produce this:

Gypsy Queen

Here are the details:

Yarn: ‘Silk’ on cones, about #10 or so, I think. I used two separate cones to make this, starting the new cone at the beginning of the second half, because what was left on the first wouldn’t have been enough and I didn’t want to have ends to weave in. Ironically, both cones had knots in them so I had ends to weave anyway. Even after the edging, I have thread left over on the cones. Sigh. Not a colour I’d choose for clothing, but then I felt the need to break out. Here is my Ravelry page for the project (not that it’ll tell you much more).

Hook: Pony handled 1.00mm

Pattern: Gypsy Queen (Ravelry link) by Katchkan

Time: About two weeks

Size: 19″ x 30″ (too big for our coffee table width-wise). Might have to give it away.

Extra #1 No printer in Hyderabad, so I worked entirely from the Mac screen. no probs.

#2 My edges are always wonky in filet, no matter what I do in terms of increasing and decreasing 🙁

#3 Happy to be testing again 🙂


And here’s some more orange for you, from our grocery (‘fresh’) rations:

Two-legged carrot

7 thoughts on “Orange gypsy

  1. Beautiful work! I love her patterns. You are so lucky to be able to test this pattern for her. Nice job on the piece. It looks great!

  2. That doily is breathtaking, and I love the color! I also like the carrot… 🙂

  3. Interesting, er, carrot! I am planning on doing an all-orange blog post myself soon. 😀

    The doily is beautiful! Good work.

  4. This sounds like the same silk I was trying to knit with a while back- might be better for crochet! I like the orange, it is nice and cheerful- and the carrot is just entertaining! By the way Rima, aka “Yarnydays” came over yesterday and showed me how to do a double crochet stitch 😉 I might be hooked soon

  5. Wow the doily is gorgeous!! tell me more about the silk thread. Is it available in India? Where?how much for a cone?

  6. drooling over that crochet. so beautiful.

  7. Wow, that’s a beautiful piece of work! I never would have thought of using orange, but it looks great. Love filet!

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