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I decided to see if having an app would make me blog better.

In the past year or more I’ve become obsessed with weaving, helped along by some ennui in knitting and crochet, plus an odd sort of pain in my left forefinger, the one that tensions the yarn when I crochet. Which served as an excuse to do more weaving.

I now have three looms, and have been waffling about getting a fourth.

Stay tuned. In the meantime, admire these.




In my last post but one I was talking about slippery slopes, wasn’t I? And left you without explaining what I meant.

I was referring to this stole I made. I had some balls of rayon that Jaishree gifted me, which were sources of amazement to me primarily because of the fact that they stayed rolled. I find the yarn so slippery I cannot manage to roll it from a hank, yet she actually Read the rest of this entry »

Franklin has just written about this.

We have a Question of the Week thread at the South Asian Crafters forum on Ravelry, and someone asked for our favourite three projects, that make us proud. I couldn’t offhand think of any and had people jumping on me because I said so. I feel I am a Process knitter (or crocheter or weaver) because most of the time the things I make are irrelevant to my location/situation, but I make them anyway, because the process interests me. How about you?

…and good intentions.

I did intend to be a more frequent blogger, honest. That is, when I was not thinking of shutting down the blog altogether. But well. There’s work (March was hectic), some weaving, lots of reading (Simon Brett, an abortive Cecilia Ahern [I think I’m too old for her, I was quite bored and couldn’t finish the book], Dick Francis [I actually found one that apparently I hadn’t read], lots of comfort reads) and reading always beats most other things. And I think it always will.

So. Only a couple of posts in March.

Among the things I wove in March was this scarf, with some textured yarn I bought from Pony, that I would normally never have bought for crochet or knitting.

Read the rest of this entry »

On Ravelry there is a group which began in 2010 for people wanting to make 10 shawls in 2010. I’ve bee a member since then, but never have managed to make 10 in ’10, 11 in ’11 and so on. I did have a narrow miss last year, when I achieved 11 in ’12. That was disappointing. The rules are strict, you can’t pass off a scarf no matter how complicated or yarn-consuming as a shawl or stole.

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My new Facebook shop

To showcase and sell what I make, I’ve opened a new page on Facebook. Do go over and take a look when you’ve got the time.

… who found his one and only garment (or perhaps he had a spare one) was getting chewed up by rats. So he got himself a cat to take care of the rodents. Then he found he needed to feed the cat something other than its prey, so he bought a cow for milk. Then he found the cow needed husbanding, so…. he got himself a wife.

There ended his hermitism. (In my nonexistent Sanskrit, that would be kaupina samrakshinanaam ayam patatopaha – I’m guessing that phrase says what I mean, forgive me if I’ve got it wrong).

So I had a small hobby. Then I bought yarn for it. Then I bought tools for it. Then I joined a forum. Then I got even more tools for it and patterns, inspired by the forum. Then I made a whole load of unusable things. Then I got more yarn.

At this point, a sane person would have quietly disposed of their yarn and tool stash and taken up Yoga or something. Read the rest of this entry »

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