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About slippery slopes…

…and good intentions.

I did intend to be a more frequent blogger, honest. That is, when I was not thinking of shutting down the blog altogether. But well. There’s work (March was hectic), some weaving, lots of reading (Simon Brett, an abortive Cecilia Ahern [I think I’m too old for her, I was quite bored and couldn’t finish the book], Dick Francis [I actually found one that apparently I hadn’t read], lots of comfort reads) and reading always beats most other things. And I think it always will.

So. Only a couple of posts in March.

Among the things I wove in March was this scarf, with some textured yarn I bought from Pony, that I would normally never have bought for crochet or knitting.

Orange texture

(click through to go to my Ravelry project page) The scarf is for sale, if you’re interested.

But I also actually knit something! This was a sweater for a baby boy, and I’d loved the pattern as soon as I saw it on Ravelry. Madeline does very interesting texture.

Boy blue

This was to go with a blanket I wove with the same microfiber yarn. I pieced it together from three panels in a reversible pattern (one side has horizontal stripes and the other has vertical ones, both from one warp). I wasn’t too happy with my seaming, though.

Seams ugly
Hemmed in

I’m loving the weaving, but I need to master the finishing, especially with sewing.

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  2. Also loved the pretty blue design right on top. what is that awoven thing again??

    1. If you’re talking about the grey and blue banner on this page, Nimi, that is a shawlette I knit. Also for sale 🙂

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