I’ve begun weaving again in the past couple of months, spurred by my purchase of the 12″ Ashford Knitters Loom. I wanted a portable craft and since crochet and knitting don’t do it for me any longer, this is it. This is a thing of beauty. 

I’m happy to report that my heart still clenches within me at the sight of a shed seen sideways on a loom. As below. Those neat lines of yarn set out and waiting to be woven gives me inexplicable joy.

So I’m happy to say I’ve woven several items on the new loom as well as my older Hamanaka Olivier 24″.

And sold many, too!

As a result I haven’t been sewing much. What with juggling two looms, one at home and one at non-soccer-soccer mom duties. And then I foolishly left all the fringes to do. This meant I spent most of the last weekend (including a rare non-working Saturday) twisting the fringes of about 4 or 5 scarves of various sizes.

Twisting fringe is tough on my fingers and wrists. I thought I’d make my job easier by using the hair twisting thingummy I bought on Amazon. Unfortunately, the dratted gadget gave up the ghost after about 2 scarves. So much for buying a dual purpose gizmo. It was supposed to be helpful for styling my daughter’s hair as well.


Finish I did, though!

I hope at some point to return to my floor loom as well. Make my yarn work harder than simply being interesting by virtue of its surface appearance alone. Celebrate the brains of weaving rather than just the beauty…