I spent most of the day today feeling sorry for myself. Because I have a very sore throat. All because of this guy on the next seat who kept sneezing and coughing and sniffling through the flight from Hyderabad to Mumbai. Thanks random stranger!

I was moaning about it to a friend and she said “Pamper yourself.”

So that got me thinking. How does one pamper themselves? I think I’m sadly undereducated in this regard. The only options I could come up with included:

1. Staying in bed all day (way too many courier deliveries and sundry bell ringers, not to mention work)

2. Reading some old favourites (couldn’t drum up the concentration after work)

3. Crafting (see disclaimer above)

4. The old fallback, retail therapy

As the photo says…

I’m valiantly trying to resist buying another loom, a folding one that I could more easily carry to craft fairs. One of my current portable looms is too narrow and the other one doesn’t fold. Wallowing in self pity isn’t exactly strengthening my resolve.

Hopefully the cold will take its course (3 days or 72 hours, as the joke goes) and I’m not extra unproductive. In the meantime, as a diversion, I was wondering what my readers do when instructed to “pamper” themselves.

Do comment and let me know.