So I saw some dumpling pouches somewhere recently. And I felt the irresistible urge to make one again.

I’d made this (a couple of them, I rarely make things singly) a while ago, using the same tutorial. I think I either made the smaller version that time, or I printed the template out at less than 100%. This time something seemed off so I compared the printout to the screen and reprinted at 100%.

The pattern/tutorial

The pattern (tutorial) is fairly straightforward, although one or two things could have been clearer. Also, you have raw exposed seams inside which need the extra step of covering with binding. The zipper is fiddly, being curved.Still, the finished pouch is cute enough that you feel like forgiving it all its idiosyncrasies.

My materials

The exterior is rexine (faux leather) that I bought at my daughter’s insistence. She’s currently on a break after her school year finished and is filling time sewing and doing sundry crafts. She wanted to sew with this. I think for now the indoctrination in stash building is working well 😉 Also, I was very happy with the customer service from the store (Fagnia Impex at Nagpada). That’s where I go for my bag hardware and faux materials.

I know the tassel is a little off, but I wanted to draw attention away from the workaday zipper. I’m yet to find a good local source for jazzy zippers… I’ve only found metal zippers by the yard or so-so plastic zippers. So I make do, although I also have some “fancy” zippers I’ve got through Aliexpress.

I suspect buying finite zippers and chopping them down may not be very sound cost-wise but well. Needs must.

I’m happy I went with the contrasting colour for this zip, although I looked at a yellow one as well.

I borrowed these cosmetics from my daughter, since I have none of my own. I think the nail paints are half size.

And ideas for future projects

Which leads to the thought that perhaps I can enlarge the template and make larger pouches. I could then use my metal zippers which would look jarring on this petite size. And have a go at decimating my rexine stash.

Does that sound like a plan to you?

With summer upon us in Mumbai, weaving is suddenly a smidgen less appealing, except that it’s more portable.

One more photograph before I go, because this is so cute despite the iffy topstitching. Do forgive the poor lighting.