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Introducing Sarcelle

Originally uploaded by kristigeraci.
Isn’t this just amazing? Wonderful lace and great colour.
One day I shall figure out how to pay in dollars and just before becoming bankrupt I shall buy this pattern. Oh, and the yarn, too, I suppose. Or a compatible one.

Edited to add: An enabler in Europe swished her wand almost as soon as I posted this and made it possible for me to own a legitimate (paid for) copy of this pattern. Thank you so much!

Now I have to turn over my stash to see what I have that will be suitable to make this with. Oh, the pressure!

I am quite spineless, but I liked the washcloth patterns, the slipstitch bag pattern and the tweedy bag pattern. Not attracted by the wearables, because I wouldn’t find the yarn or any reason to use them…

Going for a second look…

umm, variegated top, no.

red drapey pullover is fine.

is that sweater blue or green? it looks as though it might be soft to the touch.

another red sweater. Nice lace pattern, but I suppose Fall means lots of red.

the man’s cardigan looks like a machine-knit. I can’t imagine ever reaching that level.

nor expert enough for the kids pullover.

nor ever knit something as large as a skirt (wouldn’t sitting down in that be tricky?)

I’ll never knit an afghan either no matter how pretty.

can’t knit socks yet.

hmm, socks on two straight needles? maybe…

nice pink children’s backpack, if it were unfelted?

a two-in-one hat-cum-neckwarmer. Nice idea.

interesting blue wrap. Modular, eh? And all garter stitch, my favourite stitch pattern.

Ok, that sums it up. Now you go and figure out which pattern I was talking about 😀

I wish more of my friends would have baby girls. There’s a rash of boys right now and my stash is full of “girl” colours. Sigh. And even my pattern stash has many more girl patterns than boy ones.

It turns out that the famous "Ballband dishcloth" is the same one that I knit way back in December. The authors of MDK duly acknowledge it in their book. Wow! Never been ahead of the trend before. Probably will never be again either. Thanks, Sara and Noricum!

Oh, and Sara has now moved to WordPress as well, and you can get her feed here.

I'm probably committing as huge gaffe here. I probably shouldn't even dare to talk about this book, but my Flickr feed on knitting is regularly overrun with photos like this:

Dishcloth 2 Dishcloth

Now these look eerily like the pictures here and here and here.

Now, the photos I have here are of a dishcloth I made in December last year for the CLBFX, using a pattern on the wrapper. While the photos I've linked to are all knit using the pattern from…dare I say it, the Mason-Dixon Knitting book (which came out in March 2006). My dishcloth used just the one skein, while I think the MDK ones use two different colours. So, my question is, was the pattern written for the makers of the yarn by the authors of the book and then included in the book? Or is it just a generic pattern from a stitch that the yarn-makers and the authors just happened to both publish independently?

Please, all of you lurkers, tell me what to think. I'm really confused, because this book has been gushed about all over the place, while the pattern is available for free (sort of) with the yarn. Can I find other patterns from the book on other ballbands (yes that is the name of the MDK pattern) or in free leaflets in US stores (sent me by friends)? Am I making any sense here? Or are the two patterns drastically different?

Desiknitter wanted the link to the pattern for the short rows jacket. So here it is, in plain unvarnished html:

Dark mysterious things are being done to the jacket as the yarn has run out and I wouldn't get more. Pictures when I'm ready to share.

Meanwhile, I leave you with a picture of one of my recent purchases:

Afghan hook

That, me sweeties, is a Tunisian/Afghan hook, all of 2 mm gauge wide.

Come on Elizabeth-Jane, pick yourself up off that floor. You can continue to use your giant normal-sized hook to make king-sized afghans.

Well, not quite. But I'm dying to work with the yarns my SP sent me, one of which is ggh Aspen in a pinkish colour, 50% merino wool and 50% acrylic, and I have 200g (about 220 m). It is bulkyish.

The other yarn is Froya Narvik double knitting yarn, 100% wool in grey and I have 100g (260 yds, 240m). Thinner obviously. Both yarns are machine washable, so they won't felt.

My er suggests baby things with the Aspen. Any other ideas? Or specific patterns for baby items? I don't want to waste this yarn or spoil it by trying something that doesn't look nice. My fingers are itching to start…

What is possible with ~200m of yarn? *showing my extreme ignorance here*
This is a funny feeling, to have some real yarns (things that have an internet presence) at hand, and not to know what to do with them! I've gotten so used to making yarns fit patterns, that I'm finding it difficult to fit patterns to yarns instead! Weird! Have to explore the manufacturers' sites, although I can't find one for the Froya yarn. The Americans have that down pat, with extensive sites giving patterns by yarn and substitutes. Not all, maybe, perhaps the higher-end US yarn websites don't do that. Not having seen any of those, I can't comment.

Also, these are my first yarns with wool in them (that I know for sure) and not having seen anything except what seems like the bottom rung of US yarns, right now I feel the Europeans have it better in terms of yumminess. Probably they pay more too? I'm not able to say this right.

Are European yarns more boutique-y? Obviously I'm not talking about the handspun ones and things like that. Is it a case of class vs mass?

One exposure to natural fibre and I'm already making judgements! Wow! I feel a natural-born yarn snob deep inside…

Just been a little deeper into the websites. Patterns for ggh are not listed by yarn at the Muench site (the US retailers) and the makers themselves are still building their pattern pages. The Muench ones are all for sale, not free. So they believe the patterns have a market seperate from that of the yarns, and consumers will pay for them. Maybe the American strategy is that if the free pattern is interesting enough, people will buy the yarn for it. hmm. More points to ponder. Maybe that's why most of the free patterns on the net are American.

There you are, knitting a bag with funfur. Why does it have to be complicated as follows:
1st row: (WS). With MC, K1. *yf. Sl1P. yb. K1. Rep from * to end of row.
2nd row: Purl.
3rd row: With A, K1. *K1. yf. Sl1P. yb. Rep from * to last 2 sts. K2.

Why all the Sl1Ps and things? Wouldn't plain ole' garter st do as well? The free pattern from Bernat uses the Disco yarn (yes that infamous giveaway yarn, which by the way, I never got despite giving 3 different addresses two separate times) in two colours, while I am substituting this yarn:

Since this is already bi-coloured, I think I am missing the point somehow.
Will the scientific mind please tell me if it's to make sure the two colours blend, or just a scam to make you think you're making something complex? I'm inclined towards the latter, but maybe it's the former, and I am strongly tempted to swatch in two colours of a unfunfur yarn just to see how it matters.

While on the subject, I've read the pattern through several times, but am yet to understand
#1. How does knitting this pattern lead you to a purse which is halfway usable (may be related to the fact that it is funfur) (or that you start the handles at 5"…what sort of purse is only 5" deep?)

Anyhow, I needed a picot-less pattern, and pretty mindless, so I am feeding this monster knitting this anyway.

For "stageacter" who was looking for Denise Augostine's Crochet Paradise site, you can one used to be able to find it through here.
But checking today, I find that all I get from the archives is a domain registration site….Waah!

The Wayback machine is a good resource for finding any website that has become defunct, just enter the last address you remember for it and it gives you the cached archive. Sometimes pictures don't load properly, but you can often do a directory search and see them.

was this:

from Laurie on Crochetlist/CAT. She remembered I was looking for tops to hook with thread/cotton and sent it to me when she saw the top on the cover and another inside. Haven’t made up my mind yet which/whether/with what I will make either, though. I love how generous people are! Thank you so much, Laurie!

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