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Pattern link, and don’t faint!

Desiknitter wanted the link to the pattern for the short rows jacket. So here it is, in plain unvarnished html:

Dark mysterious things are being done to the jacket as the yarn has run out and I wouldn't get more. Pictures when I'm ready to share.

Meanwhile, I leave you with a picture of one of my recent purchases:

Afghan hook

That, me sweeties, is a Tunisian/Afghan hook, all of 2 mm gauge wide.

Come on Elizabeth-Jane, pick yourself up off that floor. You can continue to use your giant normal-sized hook to make king-sized afghans.

3 thoughts on “Pattern link, and don’t faint!

  1. Got your new URL and my blogroll is updated! Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  2. thanks for the pattern, my dear. i too, have followed you to your new abode.
    and congratulations on the new tunisian acquisition!

  3. mind-blowing!!!

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