Short rows finished

What have we here? An FO!!

The Short rows baby jacket that I read wrong and made a right royal mess of is finally done. It ain’t pretty and won’t stand up to close scrutiny, but done it is. Here are the gory details:

Yarn: Froya Narvik 100% wool, 3 50gm balls, 131 yds each (120m).
Hook: Pony 3.75 mm straights (the label calls for 4mm)
Pattern: Garter stitch short rows
Time: Over a week (come on, you don’t really expect me to give you exact times, now, do you?)
Size: 21″ around, 10.5″ from neck edge to bottom edge, 10″ sleeve, 4″ cuff.
Extra: #1 Learning short rows

#2 I read the pattern wrong, else the shaping goes from one front panel to sleeve to back to sleeve and second front panel.

#3 The pattern doesn’t give measurements of the finished product in inches, only says ‘3-6’ month baby. Could somebody please tell me what size baby this might fit? Please!

#4 The binding off had to be done imaginatively because I ran out of yarn and I invented a technique of binding off which involved picking up loops and slipping over themselves and a spot of black magic…

#5 I also joined the fronts together at the top because of the same issue of yarn shortage. More abracadabra there.

#6 Skipped the 3-4 rows of ribbing at the neck edge. See #4 and #5 above for reason.