Short rows finished

What have we here? An FO!!

The Short rows baby jacket that I read wrong and made a right royal mess of is finally done. It ain’t pretty and won’t stand up to close scrutiny, but done it is. Here are the gory details:

Yarn: Froya Narvik 100% wool, 3 50gm balls, 131 yds each (120m).
Hook: Pony 3.75 mm straights (the label calls for 4mm)
Pattern: Garter stitch short rows
Time: Over a week (come on, you don’t really expect me to give you exact times, now, do you?)
Size: 21″ around, 10.5″ from neck edge to bottom edge, 10″ sleeve, 4″ cuff.
Extra: #1 Learning short rows

#2 I read the pattern wrong, else the shaping goes from one front panel to sleeve to back to sleeve and second front panel.

#3 The pattern doesn’t give measurements of the finished product in inches, only says ‘3-6’ month baby. Could somebody please tell me what size baby this might fit? Please!

#4 The binding off had to be done imaginatively because I ran out of yarn and I invented a technique of binding off which involved picking up loops and slipping over themselves and a spot of black magic…

#5 I also joined the fronts together at the top because of the same issue of yarn shortage. More abracadabra there.

#6 Skipped the 3-4 rows of ribbing at the neck edge. See #4 and #5 above for reason.

Author: Swakrta

In love with sewing, weaving, crochet, and with bags and pouches and fabric. I love colour and pattern and texture. I love having my hands busy. Some day I hope my craft will become my day job.

6 thoughts on “Voila!”

  1. it looks *beautiful*! seriously, the vertical garter stitch and boat neck give the simple sweater quite a nice touch. i am going to try this soon. are you going to make a bow or something for the neck join?

    i also like this wordpress format. simple and elegant.

  2. It really does look great! The short rows and garter stitch are really effective… inspiring me to make one for some expecting friends! Well done for sorting out the yarn shortage issue – very creative and looks all the more ‘personal’ for it (and sorry I couldn’t get anymore to you quick enough)

    My links are updated, and your new blog is looking much smarter 🙂

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