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I found out today one of my close friends has had a baby girl, just a little before she was due to. I’m hugely thrilled to hear of a girl, because it seems like everyone is popping out the other kind. I dearly want to make something for the baby, but the issue is that it is an Indian baby and will live mostly in hot climates (in addition to having been born in summer). What could I make for her? Suggestions please.

Bag for felting

I need your advice, please. That up there is a bag I’m knitting with Debbie Bliss Maya on Denise #13s. The lone ball you see next to it is all I have left of the wool. So I need to be working a closure for the bag as well as thinking of handles. I’m just winging it here, no particular pattern.
Having never made a bag for felting before, I don’t have the faintest idea what sort of closure I should make (i.e. flap, loop, zipper, whatever). Also what kind of handles should I do? I have some tacky plastic one and some tackier steel ones, but would obviously prefer something classier looking.

Please, please, please help me! If there are any lurkers in the woodwork, this is your chance to come out 😉

I wish more of my friends would have baby girls. There’s a rash of boys right now and my stash is full of “girl” colours. Sigh. And even my pattern stash has many more girl patterns than boy ones.

Ok. Something at last to make for my SIL’s husband. It is so difficult to find things to make for men, especially in a country where you don’t need woollens much of the time, or at all, most places. But, the man in question travels a bit, to Europe and the US and stuff, so he can use this. I only hope he doesn’t refuse to take it. They’re funny that way! 🙂

If I ever take up another filet project, this might help.


Looks very interesting, maybe it can be tried with a thick yarn and a large hook?
Diagonal crochet

In my perennial search for patterns that I can actually use in my home, one more pattern for chair backs. Will record later if anything fructifies (Pun, pun, pun!).
Pineapple Fan Chair Set

I’ve been looking for a crochet pattern for a sweater for ages, then I saw That Crochet Guy had some really droolworthy cocoons. After searching high and low I found the pattern on Brown Sugar, Ltd. My mom wants me to make one for my sister who travels a bit and so might find it useful. But I think I will test it on myself first 😉
This pattern can be adopted with other stitches quite easily, I think. Sssh, I might actually create something!

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