Cocoon sweater

I’ve been looking for a crochet pattern for a sweater for ages, then I saw That Crochet Guy had some really droolworthy cocoons. After searching high and low I found the pattern on Brown Sugar, Ltd. My mom wants me to make one for my sister who travels a bit and so might find it useful. But I think I will test it on myself first 😉
This pattern can be adopted with other stitches quite easily, I think. Sssh, I might actually create something!

In love with sewing, weaving, crochet, and with bags and pouches and fabric. I love colour and pattern and texture. I love having my hands busy. Some day I hope my craft will become my day job.

3 thoughts on “Cocoon sweater

  1. I used your link for THAT CROCHET GUY and then searched COCOON on that site and got no hits for a cocoon sweater. Any suggestions?

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