Where are the girls?

I wish more of my friends would have baby girls. There’s a rash of boys right now and my stash is full of “girl” colours. Sigh. And even my pattern stash has many more girl patterns than boy ones.


3 thoughts on “Where are the girls?

  1. On the flip side, where are the boy patterns? For every 100 great girly ones (baby and adult alike), I find a measly 2 for the boys of all ages in our lives.

    Hey, noticed you’ve moved to wordpress. I’ve been feeling constricted by blogspot’s inadequacies myself and have been contemplating a move. The absence of tagging and the lack of an email address of folks dropping comments get me. Too afraid of losing my loyal subscribers though – currently at an all time high of 5! 🙂

    Btw, thanks for leaving comments on my blog!

  2. Girls? Girls??

    I have an overflow of girls in my family – 4 neices to 1 nephew. I would love to have some more little boys running around, but in my family it looks like I will have to be the one to provide any of those….or any more girls for that matter!

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