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Where are the girls?

I wish more of my friends would have baby girls. There’s a rash of boys right now and my stash is full of “girl” colours. Sigh. And even my pattern stash has many more girl patterns than boy ones.

3 thoughts on “Where are the girls?

  1. My sentiments exactly !! There just are’nt enough fun stuff to crochet for boys!

  2. On the flip side, where are the boy patterns? For every 100 great girly ones (baby and adult alike), I find a measly 2 for the boys of all ages in our lives.

    Hey, noticed you’ve moved to wordpress. I’ve been feeling constricted by blogspot’s inadequacies myself and have been contemplating a move. The absence of tagging and the lack of an email address of folks dropping comments get me. Too afraid of losing my loyal subscribers though – currently at an all time high of 5! 🙂

    Btw, thanks for leaving comments on my blog!

  3. Girls? Girls??

    I have an overflow of girls in my family – 4 neices to 1 nephew. I would love to have some more little boys running around, but in my family it looks like I will have to be the one to provide any of those….or any more girls for that matter!

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