Deneen tagged me last week for this, but as I was just leaving on a short trip to Chilika, I couldn’t do the meme (is that what you say, do the meme? complete the meme? fulfil the meme?). But I’m back now and here it is:

6 weird things/habits about myself…(well most of me is weird, how on earth do I reduce it to just 6?!)

1. I hate to speak before I brush my teeth in the morning. So as soon as I am vertical, I have to brush, else no words out of me till I do. Even if it’s an early morning train I disembark from, and need to travel home to use the bathroom.

2. I *love* being the first to use soap/open new toothpaste/try the crossword. Even if the soap is a brand I’ve used before.
3.  Even in the hottest weather I have to have a sheet to cover myself, or at least my ears. (I believe things can fall into my ears otherwise and I’m particularly terrified of lizards) *shudder*

4. It is one of my life’s ambitions to hold/play with a tiger cub, or a lion cub, in a pinch will do.

5. I was born with no eyebrows but a head full of hair, about 6 inches long. My eyebrows are quite healthy now.
6.  I sleep when I am tense or depressed. This means I can sleep in a car that I think is being driven too fast!!!

I don’t know…Deneen, for some reason I can’t seem to access the comments on your blog, so I’m hoping you read my response here.

6 people to tag?! Hmm. No obligation for you to do it, but I’m tagging







go on, try and weird me out!