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Kitten experiment

I shot this video of some kittens I spent time with in Chilika. Trying to see if I can embed the video here:

Nope, doesn’t seem to work. So here’s a link instead: Kittens

5 thoughts on “Kitten experiment

  1. They are so thin with such big ears (or maybe the thinness makes their ears look bigger??)

  2. Hey there!! Now I ask Where Is She Now??!! i hope everything is fine!!! =) Have a nice week!!! =)
    kisses, Claudia

  3. Hello, I’ve been meaning to contact you for some time now, but upheavals in my family have prevented it so far. You left a comment on my blog back in July regarding my comment left on Grumperina’s blog regarding metal needles. (That sentence was a mouthful). Were you ever able to get needles? I read on your blog that a friend was trying to get you some Denise’s Needles. I do have metal needles that I am unable to use because my hands hurt. If you would like them then I can send them to you. My email address is: and if you send me your mailing address I will send them to you! I love your kitten video. Cats are my favorite animals. Happy knitting (and crocheting) too!

  4. OHHHH…you tagged me in the last post…I missed it! I”llget on it right away (I was on vacation and stuff!) You’re the first person to tag me on a meme…i’m so excited!!!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yarn stores are sparse on the Big Island. Closes to Kona would be Ben Franklin/Ace Hardware in Waimea. They are a general craft store and sell craftier type yarns, although the Oahu ones now sell Cascade if you are into felting. The biggest one is in Hilo, probably and hour and a half drive from Waikaloa, called Big Island Bernina. I’m not aware of any others on the Kona side, but I always check the phone book in the hotel room to see if any new ones have opened.

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