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Found knitting books

Sorry I’ve been missing from my blog for so long, but I am now in Hyderabad and am not constantly online as I am in Vizag.

I went to a used books sale here in Hyderabad and picked some nice knitting books, including:

Traditional Knitting Patterns by James Norbury, 1962 (I think this must be a classic. It shows traditional stitch patterns from several areas of the world.)
Knitting for Children by Louise Daniels, 1971 (It has patterns graded by age-group, whcih should be very helpful, even if I can’t make gauge ever and decide to do the patterns in a different group than I should.)
Knitting in Vogue by Christine Probert, 1982 (Mostly women’s patterns from Vogue magazine)


Wild Knitting ed. Angela Jeffs, 1979 (Now this is really wild knitting and I can’t say any of the designs appeal to me much. Maybe I’ll put this book up for a swap.)
All the books are in excellent condition, except the middle two are missing their original dustjackets.

I also found The Penguin Guide to Sewing by Julian Robinson (1974), which I hope will be helpful as I plan to take my mom’s sewing machine back with me this time.

I got the lot of them for about Rs 700, which is a good price and if I bought any of these alone firsthand, would have got me only one of them or not even that. I’m happy. 🙂

Oh, and my mom’s sewing machine was bought in 1967 in the US. It’s a Singer.

3 thoughts on “Found knitting books

  1. Hello ther!!! I am so glad everything is fine!!!! =) I am sure all the books are great!! And you mom’s sewing maching might be a great one!! I tried to sew yesterday but I couldn’t keep the fabric so straight as I wanted!!!! lol I wish you weekend is great!!!!! =)
    Kisses, Claudia

  2. Nice to have news from you! Delighted with the book selection! Enjoy!

  3. Hey! I was Google-ing for that crazy “Wild Knitting” book and got a hit to your blog. Did you ever swap it? Do you still have it? Would you be willing to discuss some kind of swap/sale? I took it out from the library a couple days ago just because it’s filled with such incredibly fascinatingly hideous patterns and when my daughter discovered all the knit food and bugs and things in the back she started begging me to make it ALL. I’d rather not copy page after page. Besides, that book is like a highway accident – I know it’s horrible yet I can’t look away.

    I know I can buy this book on Amazon (that’s one of the first hits to come up), but I thought I’d try you first.


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