Sorry I’ve been missing from my blog for so long, but I am now in Hyderabad and am not constantly online as I am in Vizag.

I went to a used books sale here in Hyderabad and picked some nice knitting books, including:

Traditional Knitting Patterns by James Norbury, 1962 (I think this must be a classic. It shows traditional stitch patterns from several areas of the world.)
Knitting for Children by Louise Daniels, 1971 (It has patterns graded by age-group, whcih should be very helpful, even if I can’t make gauge ever and decide to do the patterns in a different group than I should.)
Knitting in Vogue by Christine Probert, 1982 (Mostly women’s patterns from Vogue magazine)


Wild Knitting ed. Angela Jeffs, 1979 (Now this is really wild knitting and I can’t say any of the designs appeal to me much. Maybe I’ll put this book up for a swap.)
All the books are in excellent condition, except the middle two are missing their original dustjackets.

I also found The Penguin Guide to Sewing by Julian Robinson (1974), which I hope will be helpful as I plan to take my mom’s sewing machine back with me this time.

I got the lot of them for about Rs 700, which is a good price and if I bought any of these alone firsthand, would have got me only one of them or not even that. I’m happy. 🙂

Oh, and my mom’s sewing machine was bought in 1967 in the US. It’s a Singer.