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She lives!

Hexagon baby blanket

Yup, still alive and going here in Wheredom. And that there above is my latest Finished Object. A crochet blanket from Golden Hands Baby Clothes: 50 beautiful patterns to knit and crochet, 1974. I made a baby jacket from the same book in January.

Yarn: Acrylic from Hyderabad, 340 gms
Hook: Crystalite 5, 5.5 and 6 mm

Pattern: From Golden Hands Baby Clothes, 1974
Time: About 5 days all told

Size: 45″

Extra: #1 Nothing much actually. It’s perhaps my second-ever baby blanket

#2 I was tired of trying to fit baby patterns to the limited yarn selection I have. I didn’t want to do it in pink, and cannot obviously find the right gauge anyway. Pffffffffbrrrrgh.

#3 Also bored trying to size baby patterns to fit 2-year-olds. This may be a bit small but should work as a useful tool to frighten babies into sleeping on time (or else the giant doily will come and get you!!) 😛

#4 Oh and the colour is actually a browny kind of pink, not the red it seems in this picture.

8 thoughts on “She lives!

  1. omigosh this is gorgeous!!! please tell me that there is a another copy of this book somewhere in India. I went flying over to e-bay when I saw this and it doesn’t seem to be available there. What is copyright law? Isn’t that book old enough that is is now public domain and you can post the pattern on the ‘net.

    WAH!!!!!!!!! I want that book!!!

  2. Wonderful! You really are a clever lass, eh? I wouldn’t have the patience to attemot anything so fine 😉 Meow Thrmp!

  3. Very pretty-nice job!

  4. Happy to se you again crochet a doily in one of my favourite colours just now.I aslo made a doily in orange,yellow and brown.Outside we have a lot of these colours-we have autumn now in the north of Sweden

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  6. It’s beautiful! I love the geometric design, and am quite intrigued about the colour being pink. Here it looks bright, bright orange.

    Nice stash of books you picked up, btw!

  7. It’s nice to see baby blankets don’t have to come in square or rectangle….you did a great job!!!

  8. I love the blanket design. Gorgeous!

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