Hexagon baby blanket

Yup, still alive and going here in Wheredom. And that there above is my latest Finished Object. A crochet blanket from Golden Hands Baby Clothes: 50 beautiful patterns to knit and crochet, 1974. I made a baby jacket from the same book in January.

Yarn: Acrylic from Hyderabad, 340 gms
Hook: Crystalite 5, 5.5 and 6 mm

Pattern: From Golden Hands Baby Clothes, 1974
Time: About 5 days all told

Size: 45″

Extra: #1 Nothing much actually. It’s perhaps my second-ever baby blanket

#2 I was tired of trying to fit baby patterns to the limited yarn selection I have. I didn’t want to do it in pink, and cannot obviously find the right gauge anyway. Pffffffffbrrrrgh.

#3 Also bored trying to size baby patterns to fit 2-year-olds. This may be a bit small but should work as a useful tool to frighten babies into sleeping on time (or else the giant doily will come and get you!!) 😛

#4 Oh and the colour is actually a browny kind of pink, not the red it seems in this picture.