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Purple project

Baby cardigan

I made this cardigan for my trip to Hyderabad, to give my friend for her kid. The friend brought me a Denise set, a yarn winder and an Easy Tunisian set. Now I’m in the lap of luxury as far as supplies are concerned. Does that mean it’s time for me to lose interest in knitting/crochet? You know…gather all the materials and then pouf, there goes your attention. I’m a bit wary of that happening to me.

Well anyway, this pattern was from an Indian book, possibly a reprint of some older English collection. Can’t say. I was running out of the purple (it’s more blue actually) so I improvised with the greeny-blue for the sleeves. I magically didn’t have to change the pattern at all, except using rsc for the edging. Quick and easy, but would have been nicer if it were all done in one piece without the need for seams.

I think crochet designers need to concentrate on patterns without/with minimal seaming/sewing. Crochet being so versatile, such designs are more possible than with knitting, I think.

Yarn: Acrylic from all over the place, but Delhi and Hyderabad, I think.

Hook: Pony 4 mm
Pattern: From Indian reprint book
Time: Quite fast, can’t give exact numbers, but you could do it in a day at a pinch
Size: Seems to fit my friend’s kid (wrong season to try it on)
Extra: #1 Didn’t have to change the pattern at all, except I did rsc for the edging because of the two different colours

#2 Two colours because the purple ran out

8 thoughts on “Purple project

  1. Sooo cute! And I think the two colors really make the sweater special.

  2. Beautiful gift!

  3. Very nice!

    I am laughing about having all the supplies and then moving on. I do that with several hobbies, but it is one of the reasons I am reluctant to knit. You see, I have all the crochet “toy” I would ever need, slowly accumulating them over the years. I even started with the knitting needles, however, I have to have almost all the sizes before I will start learning to knit-so I sabotage myself.

    My theory is that I stayed with crochet all this time, moving to knitting and other fibery pleasures is all the same category.

  4. Cute sweater!!!!!I really like the colours you’ve used.
    Same pinch on when it comes to having all the supplies and moving on.

  5. Wow…what a beautiful job you did on that. I love the colors!

  6. Yo: you’re really cranking them out! It’s very pretty and i love the colour combo. simple and elegant.
    and i totally get that moving on after gearing up thing. determined not to have all the gizmos, but somehow i doubt i’ll lose interest in knitting….

  7. Hi dear!!! Came to say hello and wish you have a nice weekend!!! =)
    Kisses, Claudia

  8. The color combinations of your sweater are perfectly beautiful!

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