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Fall Knitty patterns

I am quite spineless, but I liked the washcloth patterns, the slipstitch bag pattern and the tweedy bag pattern. Not attracted by the wearables, because I wouldn’t find the yarn or any reason to use them…

Going for a second look…

umm, variegated top, no.

red drapey pullover is fine.

is that sweater blue or green? it looks as though it might be soft to the touch.

another red sweater. Nice lace pattern, but I suppose Fall means lots of red.

the man’s cardigan looks like a machine-knit. I can’t imagine ever reaching that level.

nor expert enough for the kids pullover.

nor ever knit something as large as a skirt (wouldn’t sitting down in that be tricky?)

I’ll never knit an afghan either no matter how pretty.

can’t knit socks yet.

hmm, socks on two straight needles? maybe…

nice pink children’s backpack, if it were unfelted?

a two-in-one hat-cum-neckwarmer. Nice idea.

interesting blue wrap. Modular, eh? And all garter stitch, my favourite stitch pattern.

Ok, that sums it up. Now you go and figure out which pattern I was talking about 😀

3 thoughts on “Fall Knitty patterns

  1. Fun review, nicely done.


  2. I loved the dishcloths, if only I had time. I avoid wearables like the plague….one day! =)

  3. I liked your review. Glad you like the washcloths! Thanks for stopping by.

    It’s nice to see a knitter (and crocheter) in India. Very cool. I visited India at the end of 2000 and it was very memorable.

    Take care!

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