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India apparently has a hobby and craft store! It's in Mumbai, called Hobby Ideas and is a venture of Pidilite Industries. I found this out by accident today when I spied a tube of fabric glue in a shop while looking for buttons. Now two of my bags which were languishing while I dithered over hand sewing are sporting linings (drying as we speak). Look ma, no needle and thread!

The tailor refused to sew them in and I was much distressed and girdling my loins to start the task, when I went in to buy buttons and just before I handed in my cash, I spotted the tube of glue. Whoda thunk it? So obviously I grabbed it and tossed over the extra Rs 15 (small price to pay for the pleasure of no-sew – no, not Mary-Sue). Came home and sat down with scissors, bags, cloth, iron and got down to work). Remind me not to keep more than two bags in line for lining. In other words, line as you go, sweetums, or liningless forever you shall remain.

Anyway, as I was saying, with my google fixation, once the gluing was finished, I tripped over to the net and looked up the manufacturer (whose products I use regularly, but hadn't thought to google before). And lo and behold, I find the said store has been in existence since last year. When can I go to Bombay, please?

The craft store has all sorts of things for candle making, glass etching, clay moulding (even has Fimo!) and a spool knitting kit. But that last product is as far as it goes, nothing else remotely related to crochet or knitting was advertised (except this book). Ah well, it's something to even have a craft store in the country. We might still progress. 

This whole thing is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. Remember my rant about an Indian company selling wooden needles and hooks who wouldn't even grace me with a proper reply? Well, I'd written back to complain about (a) their rudeness (b) their illiteracy on June 5. After due consideration (of 17 days!!) I've got them to comment on my blog here, which more or less said the same as in this mail (which they sent me 3 copies of, kindly):

Hello MrsFife,

As per the comment on word express .com supplied on 5th June 06.

Regarding DHL India Exports Our reason for writing in such a way is that last year an Indian had cheated on us and tried to spoil our business. A man from Delhi contacted us and asked for the details of our company product and samples, which we gave him. He took all the information from us and started contacting our buyers with the samples that we provided him at a cheaper rate.

And he also started spoiling our buyers market even. This is the reason why we don’t respond to Indian e-mail. And you also did the same thing to spoil our business you wrote a comment about us.

Best Regards

I am beyond grrrr now. It depressed me last night and still depresses me now. Constructive suggestions welcome (including and not limited to bloodshed).

Please welcome the second crochet blogger from India……Yasmin! She does amazing, lovely work. Yay!!!

Never thought I'd use the term in real life, but that's how I feel right now…Remember the Yahoo group I started for crocheters from India? Well, I'd written to Needle n' Thread magazine (from Coats India) asking them to feature my letter about it in their next issue. Today I get a call from them saying they wouldn't be able to do that, because they have their own website! Phooey is the only term I can come up with right now. That website is the site of the UK/US Coats and Clark (the site never seems to work), while mine is obviously just a grouping with no commercial purpose whatsoever. I guess it's a great thing we even have a needlework magazine in India. Sigh!
So we'll have to think of other ways to publicise the group. Right now we have 10 members.

Notice I have absolutely no hesitation in naming names, knowing I have nothing to gain.

Well, I’ve finally gone and done it! Yup, I created a Yahoo group for crocheters from India. It’s exciting, and I hope it’ll help us help each other with supply-related woes or pattern doubts or anything else, for that matter.

If you are a crocheter and from India (wherever you might be living now), do come and join us!

Click here to join Crochet_India
Click to join Crochet_India

We had the festival of lights, Diwali/Deepavali on Tuesday, November 1st. Although nowadays it is more sound than light.

Here is Sridhar watching a flowerpot do its thing:

And here is the whirling Bhoo chakram

It whirls on the ground. There is also a Vishnu chakram which is held in the hand…

I slept in the afternoon today, which always depresses me when I wake up. And the news about Bombay is too awful….Why does this happen? So much rain, so much loss of life and property…I have so many friends there. They all seem to be fine. But the city is so important for India and the infrastructure has basically collapsed. They had nearly a metre of rain in 5 hours the last week, and more rain this weekend.

I don’t feel like watching the TV.

Don’t mind me, I’ll be fine tomorrow morning.

I finished testing the pattern for the doily that I bragged blogged about a few posts ago. But no pictures yet. I’ve sent off my report to the designer and when she finally approves, I shall duly put up images.
The other doily is what I’m hoping to send my partner in the Crochetville Doily Swap. So for obvious reasons, I don’t want to post it here…
On an exciting note (for me) I’ve made contact with a lady in Bangalore who crochets and also uses the net for crochet-related activity. She says she has actually sold stuff, so I’m eager to find out more, including how she prices things, what materials she uses and so on. She does it in a personal circle, I think, not on the net. I found her thanks to a friend on Crochetlist CAT which I wrote about at the weekend. Thanks so much, Glenna!

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