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Please welcome the second crochet blogger from India……Yasmin! She does amazing, lovely work. Yay!!!

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  1. WELL – i only JUST discovered this great blog about crocheters in india. who knew? i have encountered a few indian crocheters on the CP list ( which has members from all over the world. even ‘met’ one gal from chennai – where my husband & his family are from. visited there last december just in time to be shaken but not stirred (we felt the quake but were unaffected by the tsunami even tho’ the house is less than a kilometer from the beach! anyway, i look forward to getting to know other crocheters from my second favorite country (i’m US)! love the puns & humor – or is that humour? jd in st. louis, missouri, USA – married to my favorite tamilian for 30+ years!

  2. Thank you for your link to Yasmine.

    Lovely basket and bag you habe done.Really useful things.
    Ulla in the north of Sweden

  3. Swapnae,
    Thanks for mentioning my blog here. I had totally missed this post. Pleasant surprise for me.

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