Never thought I'd use the term in real life, but that's how I feel right now…Remember the Yahoo group I started for crocheters from India? Well, I'd written to Needle n' Thread magazine (from Coats India) asking them to feature my letter about it in their next issue. Today I get a call from them saying they wouldn't be able to do that, because they have their own website! Phooey is the only term I can come up with right now. That website is the site of the UK/US Coats and Clark (the site never seems to work), while mine is obviously just a grouping with no commercial purpose whatsoever. I guess it's a great thing we even have a needlework magazine in India. Sigh!
So we'll have to think of other ways to publicise the group. Right now we have 10 members.

Notice I have absolutely no hesitation in naming names, knowing I have nothing to gain.