Okay, so the Windmist brushed acrylic yarn Fiona sent me was calling out to be a bag, so I moped around the net and hassled Cordelia all day a bit, before rediscovering the Spike stitch bag at Crochet Me. Here is my version:

which looks absolutely nothing like the designer‘s. That’s why she is a designer and I am a copycat.

As I hate seaming, I decided to crochet in rounds, with a Crystalite size G/6 4.00 mm hook. I also turned the finished tube upside down to fix the bottom.

And here is another photo with my foot for scale.
Please don’t mention the clashing colours of the bag, I give a very good impression of being colour-blind even when I’m not.

The thing still needs handles, more of which in my next post.

Weird fact #1. The fuzz is mostly concentrated on the “wrong side” of the bag, why?

Update: Or what makes a scientific mind! Noricum gave me the answer to my weird fact question:

The fuzz is probably mostly on the inside because when you pull the yarn from back to front, the fuzz gets left behind.

Now why couldn’t I think of that?