ETA 23.06.2010: Discovered this wasn’t in my Rav notebook (imagine that!) and just entered it, and created the pattern entry in the database as well. Hopefully the designer can fill in the blanks, as several of the links in this post are now dead.

Finished the spike bag last night. Yay! Did the handles on the French Knitter. The bag will need a lining, obviously, and I’m still pondering what sort of closure to put in…..

From a distance:






To recap:
Yarn: Windmist Brushed acrylic (100%) in Ocean Blue (50 gm) and Hollyberry (50 gm) and some scrap yarn for the handles
Hook: Susan Bates Crystalites size G/6 4.00mm
Pattern: All in my head, derived from Crochet Me‘s Spike Stitch challenge
Time: About 4-5 hours
Size: 9″ by 10″ by 2.5″
Extra: Used knitting knobby for cords for handles

Update: Thanks everyone for your nice comments! Yes, Sheila, I will be keeping this one for myself. If I can just get off my butt and line it… And Sue, Sara and Jomo, it’s good to know you like my work :D! Darn, I wish Blogger would do smilies….